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NAG Numeric Subroutine Library

The NAG Numeric Subroutine Library is an extensive collection of subroutines for solving numeric and statistical problems. The subroutines can be used from the programming languages Fortran, C, C ++, Python and Java, from the Matlab, R, Labview and Excel programs and from Microsoft .NET.

Norsk versjon - NAG numeriske subrutinebibiliotek

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Install the libraries

Program Link Operating system
NAG Fortran Compiler AppsAnywhere Windows and Linux
NAG Library (Fortran and C) AppsAnywhere Windows and Linux
NAG Library for .NETAppsAnywhere Windows
NAG Library for Java AppsAnywhere Windows and Linux
NAG Library for Python AppsAnywhere Windows and Linux

The software can be installed by all students and employees of NTNU.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.

Oracle Support Services can help students with the installation of the software. Employees must contact local IT-support.

About the programs

NAG Fortran Library

NAG Fortran Library is an extensive collection of Fortran subroutines for solving numeric and statistical problems. Mark 26 contains 1855 subroutiner. The library is categorized by subject. Please note that the library calculates using double precision. Read about Mark 26

NAG C-Library

NAG C library contains more than 1500 subroutines in Mark 26 This library includes the same numeric operations as the Fortran library.

Dymamic Link Library (DLL)

Both the Fortran and the C Library has a DLL version for Windows. For more information, see NAG Dynamic Link Libraries

NAG Library for Python

NTNU has acquired the NAG Library for Python. This is a new edition that gives Python users access to the vast array of mathematical algorithms in the NAG Library in an easy and efficient way. With the library, good documentation is provided, such as program examples showing the use of library programs.

"The naginterfaces Python Package" contains the link between Python and the NAG Library Engine with all the computing programs in the NAG Library. Everything we need from NAG is installed - there is no need to install NAG C Library as for the previous version of the Python library.

For more about this library, see:

NAG Fortran Library for .NET

NAG Fortran Library for .NET

NAG Library for Java

NAG Library for Java is a collection of Java wrappers for utilizing NAG C Library in a Java program.The Java library is available for 64-bit Windows and Linux.

C Library must be installed to use the Java library.It is important that the same version of both the C library and the Java library is installed.The current version of the Java library is v. 26.2 and it is used with v. 26.2 of the C library (edition CLL6I26CL for Linux and CLW6I262EL for Windows).

For more information, see

Using the NAG libraries with other applications

The library can also be used with programs used at NTNU. This includes Excel, Matlab, R and LabVIEW.

NAG Toolbox for Matlab

NTNU gets the NAG toolbox for Matlab with Fortran Library. This lets you use all NAG's subroutines in Matlab.This version of the NAG library contains all of the subroutines in the Fortran library, meaning that you don't need to install the Fortran library.

NAG Toolbox for Matlab is available at as Add-ons at installation of Matlab.

For more information, see



Every version comes with the documents Installer's Note and Users' Note. The documents are included in all installations in the folders doc/in and doc/un. The Users' Note provides implementation-specific details.

See: Installer's Note and Users' Note for NAG products

How to use the NAG Software:

The documentation on how to use the NAG Software is very good and it is available from the NAG website both for reading online and for downloading to our own PC. See: NAG Documentation

Supplier information

Developer: Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)



Fortran og C Library: For Windows and Linux.

NAG Fortran Library for .NET: For Windows.

NAG Library for Java: For Windows and Linux.

NAG Library for Python; For Windows og Linux

NAG Toolbox for Matlab: For Windows og Linux.

Latest versions

Fortran Library:

Mark 26, 26.1, 26.2 for: Linux and Windows 32- and 64-bit Intel Fortran. Windows 32-bit DLL Library


Mark 26.2 for Linux and Windows 64-bit Intel C/C++.

NAG Fortran Library for .NET:

Release 2

NAG Library for Java:

To use together with C Library Mark 26.2

NAG Library for Python:

Mark 26.2 for Windows og Linux 64-bit.

NAG toolbox for Matlab:

Mark 25 for Windows 32- and 64 bit, Linux 64 bit

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