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The following are guidelines on how to make book extracts available for students in a course compendium. A compendium is a collection of articles, book extracts, etc, in printed or digital format. NTNU University Library is responsible for producing these compendia.

Please note that as of 2017, the compendia are available only in a digital format (see below for exception). This applies to NTNU in its entirety, including Gjøvik and Ålesund

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Copyright and clearance

Creating a compendium is a nice way of gathering various course materials in one place. However, some or all of this material might be protected by copyright law, and it is important to make sure that you have the proper clearance to use and share the material with your students.

What material must be cleared?

The Kopinor agreement authorizes use of copyrighted material for educational purposes at Norwegian universities and colleges. You will however need clearance for this use, regardless of whether the extracts are made available as individual texts or through a compendium. All extracts from printed books should be cleared regardless of length, including instances where one single text has been extracted.

NTNU University Library is responsible for clearing the material.

This is how digital compendia are made

  • The course leader places an order for requested material to the NTNU University Library within a given deadline
  • NTNU University Library ensures proper clearance according to the Kopinor agreement.
  • NTNU University Library produces compendia in pdf-format with a standard front page. This front page lists the place of study, study semester, course code and course title (provided by the course leader), and includes a copy of the standard Kopinor agreement.
  • NTNU University Library sends the pdf-file to the course leader, who may then upload the file on the course platform.

If students prefer a printed version of the compendium, they will need to print this themselves.

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Check list when making a compendium

Does your compendium consist only of your own work?

If you are the author of the material in question and/or have the right to use and share it, you may create your own compendium and upload it to the course platform without contacting NTNU University Library. However, please be aware that you might have relinquished certain rights of use to your publisher, and in this case, NTNU University Library will need to clear the material.

If you are the author, you may also request a printed version of the compendium from NTNU University Library. Please note that this exception is only made in cases where the course leader has full right of use. Also note that course leaders are themselves responsible for covering charges and handling distribution if they require a printed version. Costs for clearing and producing digital compendia through NTNU University Library.

Does your compendium consist of the work of others?

If the material in question is not your own you will need copyright clearance. This process is handled by NTNU University Library:

  • NTNU University Library will make sure that copyright is not infringed, and you can rest assured that the pdf-file you receive will be safe to use and share with students.
  • If the number of extracted pages from a book does not exceed 15% of the total, clearance will be guaranteed at no cost. If the extract exceeds this limit, however, the costs might be high, and it might take considerable time to get the extract approved, if it is approved at all. For this reason, we strongly recommend that requested extracts do not exceed 15%.
  • Printed journal articles can be distributed to students as handouts, or as scanned pdf-files uploaded to the course platform. This material is exempt from clearance, and it is not necessary to compile it in the form of a compendium.
  • NTNU University Library will ensure that material out of copyright is included in the compendium without incurring clearance costs.
  • See the Kopinor agreement for more information on copyright and clearance.

Is your compendium a combination of your own and others’ work?

Your own work and the work of others may be combined in the same compendium. Make sure, however, to point out what part of the material is your own when you place the order, so that you clarify what portion you are allowed to use and share without additional clearance. NTNU University Library will ensure copyright clearance for the rest of the material when they produce the compendium.

Are the articles or book extracts available online through the University library?

The University library subscribes to important databases to ensure access to digital literature. If a required text is available online through one of NTNU’s subscriptions, the use is already authorized and there is no need for further clearance. When sharing this material with students, course leaders should provide them with a hyperlink to the material in question, rather than hand out printed copies or upload pdf-files to the course platform. If the NTNU University Library discovers that some of the requested material for a compendium is available through the library, they will provide a link to this material in the compendium index.

Storing compendia and cleared material for later use

When the semester is over, files may be kept on the course platform in order to make them available for students who need to resit the exam. NTNU University Library will then store the files in their archive. If some or all of the material is reused for future courses, course leaders are required to repeat the procedure of placing their orders with NTNU University Library, in order to avoid copyright infringement. As of 2017, the compendia files will be archived in Ephorte to avoid undue administration.


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