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Grading MSc theses at IIK

Evaluation and grading of master’s theses at IIK

For each master’s thesis an external and an internal evaluator are assigned by the Head of Department. The evaluators evaluate the work according to the guidelines given in the Evaluation of MSc thesis and provide their comments in the evaluation form within 12 weeks after the submission. The grade is finally agreed upon in a meeting between the two evaluators before the deadline. The grade must be registered in Inspera. 

Documents to be used in the process:

Registering the grade in Inspera

Once system access is clear, both evaluators are given access to Inspera Assessment. From there, you will receive a link to the thesis you will evaluate. From there, you can access both the thesis and additional submitted documents (if any), and the registration page. 

Both evaluators must register the grade in Inspera, when the thesis evaluation is done. When both are done registering the grade, the evaluators must also verify the final grade. We recommend conducting this registration as an interaction during the meeting between the two evaluators, to avoid mistakes and save time. Note: It is important that both evaluators register the grade first, then verify it. Do not verify the grade before both evaluators have completed the registration.