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From idea to business for students (See this page for employees)

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Student organizations that offer advice and inspiration to students through events: 

  • Spark* NTNU gives free advice and support for students with entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Boost Henne support female entrepreneurs that want to explore innovative ideas or start their own business. Boost Her is part of Spark* NTNU. 
  • Fram NTNU is a student organization in Trondheim that gives you the opportunity to explore, play and create. They have facilities for you and your creative ideas, and they promote innovation and cooperation between students.  




  • NTNU Discovery – early phase financing of ideas and projects that can become commercially viable. 
  • Support from Aneo is an early phase financial support mechanism up to 25.000 NOK for students who have received guidance though Spark* or who are students at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship 
  • STUD-ENT is Innovation Norway’s Support Mechanism for recent graduates. STUD-ENT can cover 100 per cent of approved project costs, maximum 1.000.000 NOK. 
  • Climate KIC – EU-programme for sustainable innovation. Green entrepreneurs can get financing though ClimateLaunchpad competitions and the Climate-KIC acceleration program. 
  • Forregion – Innlandet. Research based innovation in the region. Promotes researched based innovation in businesses.  
  • InvestINN – Gjøvik. A meeting place and arena where entrepreneurs and businesses can get financing for their startups, as well as relevant competence and support for their projects. 
  • Gruva in Trondheim is an arena for students at NTNU who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. In Gruva and at Fram, you will find an including community who share experiences and knowledge about the possibilities and resources that are available for student startups at NTNU. 
  • Smia in Ålesund is an open, inviting and flexible arena where students can meet and create new solutions, together with external partners.  
  • Digs – coworking space in Trondheim, run by entrepreneurs.
  • Work-Work – coworking space in Trondheim for game and app creators.
  • Atelier Ilsvika – arena for art and culture. 
  • Trondheim Tech Port – facilitator for innovation and technology though projects, events and communication.  
  • NxtMedia – business cluster for media technology and innovation in Trondheim.
  • UT project – network for technology businesses with focus on sales and marketing. 
  • PIR – coworking space in Ålesund.
  • ÅKP – coworking space for entrepreneurs in Ålesund. They also offer advice and development programs for startup and scale up of businesses. 
  • United Future Lab – Ålesund. An arena and network with partners from public and private sector, who work together for sustainable development. 
  • NT6 – Gjøvik. A cross disciplinary coworking space with approx. 35 private businesses, with ambition of creating an active and learning environment for IT, design, and communication. 
  • Bright House – Gjøvik. Arena for students and businesses that aims to develop cooperation on innovation in the region. 


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The mentors at Spark NTNU (in Norwegian) will help you bring your idea to the next level.


Fram, logo

You can meet and speak with like-minded people at Fram, the students’ entrepreneurship and innovation centre. Fram's Facebook page.


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