Upgrade to Office 365

This page is for those who have a managed PC and are about to upgrade to Office 365 from a previous version of Office.

Norsk versjon - Oppgradering til Office 365

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Automatic upgrade

In the period January -> May 2019, the IT department will upgrade all managed PCs with a new version of the Office suite. The scheduled point in time where your unit will be upgraded will be announced at Innsida The upgrade happens automatically - you don't have to do anything. If an Office program is in use when the upgrade starts, the following dialog will appear:

  • Close Programs will terminate all open Office programs. Remember to save your work!
  • Defer will postpone the installation to the next round, which may occur a few hours to a few days later. You can defer the installation up to five times. After five postponements, the installation will start automatically the next round.
  • Continue will try to start the installation. If you have not closed all your Office programs, you will return to this dialog.

The installation procedure starts by removing Office 2016 and you will see this dialog:

As soon as Office 2016 is removed, the installation of Office 365 will run:

Manual upgrade

Do you want to upgrade right away? If the scheduled point in time is not appropriate for you, you can install the new Office package today. This is how you do it:

  1. Open Software Center from your desktop 
  2. From the list of available programs, find Office 365 ProPlus - Oppgradering for ansatte (you can search for it in the search box at the top right). Close all open Office programs and click Install.

Start the first time

The first time you start Office 365 you have to log in and give some information. This is because the licensing for Office 365 is personal and not common to the entire NTNU as before. Do the following steps:

  1. Start an Office program (in the example we use Word). The first dialog that meets you is this. Click Sign In:
  2. Then enter your email address and click Next:
  3. In the next dialog, select "Work or school account" to use NTNU's license agreement.

  4. You will then be forwarded to FEIDE, where you need to log in with your regular NTNU user (same as, for example, Innsida):
  5. Finally, let Windows remember your account and use it everywhere on your device, and allow the organization to manage the device. This is a feature that at the moment only applies to mobile devices and has no effect on PCs, but we have chosen to leave it nevertheless, since mobile services will be introduced later on.
  6. Office 365 is now ready for use!

Each user can be logged in to Office 365 on up to five different machines (PCs in auditoriums and other lecture rooms do not count in this context, and tablets and smartphones are additional). You can read more about this here. If you already have connected Office 2016 to Sharepoint from your PC, and then update to Office 365, you may not need to activate Office 365. You may then just be logged in right.

Minor changes

The desktop version of Office 365 installed on your PC includes the same programs as Office 2016. You will not notice a big difference between Office 2016 and the desktop version of Office 365, as the interface is almost similar between the two versions.

In Office 2016 you probably have shortcut tiles in the Start menu (as shown below). These will disappear after the upgrade. Once the installation is complete, you will find Office 365 in the list of programs in the Start menu. If you still want to have the tiles, you need to add them yourself.

Start menu before upgrade. Everything marked in red will disappear after the upgrade.


Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.