Using BibLaTex

On this page, you will find information on how to use the reference management tool BibLaTeX.

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LaTeX is a typesetting system used for formatting documents. It is mostly used in subjects such as linguistics and maths because it is capable of formatting documents that have complex layouts and tables.

There are different kinds of editor programs of LaTeX to choose from:


Windows and Mac:

  • Emacs
  • Overleaf - Online, interactive tool that makes it simpler to share a document and collaborate with others. You must set up your own account.
  • TeXstudio
  • TeXMaker

BibLaTeX and BibTeX

These reference management tools can be used with LaTeX to put in-text references in the right place and to write a reference list with the chosen style at the end of the document.

BibLaTeX is a format similar to BibTeX. Some advantages of BibLaTeX are that it supports UTF8 characters in references (e.g. æ, ø, å), has more fields for reference information and is easier to use with different reference styles. More information on BibLaTeX.


Jabref – a help program that is used when you download references from databases in BibTeX-format. The program gives you an overview of references, including information about the author, the book/article title, year of publication and abstract. Jabref is used with LaTeX to put references in-text and generate a reference list.

Biber – Many databases offer the option of downloading references in BibTeX format. If you choose to use BibLaTeX format, you can use the program Biber to make a reference list and organize references.


The Library holds courses in BibLaTeX regularly. See the course overview or contact your local library.

Useful links for learning and support of LaTex, BibLaTeX and BibTeX:


LaTeX, BibTeX, BibLaTeX:


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