Setting up your email account in macOS

How to set up your NTNU e-mail account in macOS.

Norsk versjon - Sett opp e-postkonto i macOS

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Add e-mail to the Mail app in macOS

If you already have another e-mail added to the Mail app you can click Mail in the top left corner and then Add account…

If it is your first time adding a e-mail to the Mail app you will see the page where you choose which account type to add.

Choose Microsoft Exchange as Mail account provider.

choose Microsoft Exchange as e-mail account

Add your name and e-mail address in the format and click sign in.

adding your name and

When you are asked to sign in with Microsoft click sign in and you will be redirected to FEIDE.

clicking sign in with microsoft

Use your NTNU username and password.

using NTNU username and password in the FEIDE login

After logging in with FEIDE you will be asked to choose what apps you want synchronized with your NTNU e-mail. After choosing apps your NTNU e-mail should be added to the Mail App.

choosing which apps you want to synchronized with your NTNU e-mail

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