Recording hours in Min Tid

For full time and administrative employees.

Norsk versjon - Registrere arbeidstid i Min Tid

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Log in to HR-portalen (Paga)

 Log in to HR-portalen

Note! To get access to HR-portalen and Min Tid outside the campus (at home or if you are not connected to NTNU network), you have to install VPN.

Recording hours on your mobile

Recording hours in Min Tid on your mobile

Record hours worked

  • Click "Min Tid" at the top of the menu to the left.
  • There are two ways to record the hours you have worked: Click "Registrere inn/ut" (Record in/out) or enter the time that you arrive/leave in the "Start"/"Stopp" field for each day.
  • In "Start"/"Stopp" you can also correct or record your hours in retrospect.
  • Click "Lagre" (Save) for each entry.

Screenshot - Record hours worked

Record flexitime, compensatory time off and payment of overtime or overtime supplement

  • When you have entered your times ("Start" and "Stop"), you need to click "Lagre" (Save).
  • Flexitime/time worked to make up for time off is added /subtracted automatically.
  • If overtime has been agreed, you must select “Arb. utover normaltid” (Work outside normal hours) so that the overtime supplement or the entire overtime amount is paid.
  • To show that you have finished entering your hours, you should use the "Godkjenne data" (Approve data) function about every week, and every month as a minimum.
  • You should approve your timesheet entries regardless of whether an amount is to be paid to you or not.
  • You can cancel your approval using "Angre godkjenning" if you discover that you have made a mistake.

Screenshot - Record flexitime, compensatory time off and payment of overtime or overtime supplement

  • Line 1: Shows overtime worked, here 4 hours. Select "11" (the code for overtime, see the list of codes further down the page), "Lagre" (Save) and "Godkjenne data" (Approve data) to submit the overtime hours for payment, after approval by your manager.
  • Line 2: Shows flexitime worked (+ time), here 45 minutes.
  • Now you have recorded your hours in Min Tid.
  • The yellow padlock shows that you have approved your hours.

Explanation of fields

Screenshot - Explanation of fields

  • If you are absent for a full day, the absence must be recorded in PagaWeb, for example: Holiday leave (ferie), leave of absence (permisjoner), compassionate leave (velferdspermisjon), sickness absence (sykefravær) with self-certification (egenmelding).
  • Afterwards, the absence will be transferred to Min Tid.
  • For absence such as sickness absence, self-certification of absence, etc., the absence will be shown in red at the right.
  • This means that the absence has been approved and transferred from PagaWeb.
  • For partial leave, the hours will be shown as absence and the time worked will be deducted from these hours.
  • The time that you need to work in relation to a medical certificate must be arranged with your manager.
  • The system will not display a specific percentage for the time that you need to record, but you record the time that you are at work.
  • The field for comments (indicated with a pencil and sheet of paper) can be used to specify the time you have spent or to keep track of time you have taken as compensatory time off.
  • Under "Fleksitid" (Flexitime) you will see your flexitime balance.
  • Under “"Reisetid/Overtid/Avsp" (Travel time/Overtime/Compensatory Time Off), you will see a summary of the hours that are travel time or hours for which an overtime supplement is paid.

Screenshot - Withdrawal from balance

  • To manage "withdrawals" from your balances, enter the amount that you want to "withdraw" on a separate line and choose "Trekk saldo" (Withdrawal from balance).
  • Here, code "3" has been chosen to indicate withdrawal from the travel time balance.
  • A list of codes is available further down the page.
  • A red "e" on the line indicates that time has been changed manually.

You enter withdrawals from the specified balance by entering the "withdrawal" on a separate line:

  • 08:00–14:00 - present at work
  • 14:00–15:45 - with code 3 under "Trekk saldo" (Withdrawal from balance). This causes 1 hour and 45 minutes to be deducted from the travel time balance instead of from the flexitime balance.

How to enter time off for breastfeeding:

  • 08:00–09:00 - with code 490 under "Trekk saldo"
  • 09:00–14:00 - present at work
  • 14:00–15:00 - with code 490 under "Trekk saldo". Then time off for breastfeeding will be entered as legitimate absence on the relevant day(s).

List of codes for "Arb. utover normaltid" (Work outside normal hours)

5 = Additional hours, employees with fixed salary. Ordinary hourly pay for part-time employees up to a 100% position. You need to use this code to be paid for hours in addition to normal working hours. If no selection is made in the field "Arb. utover normaltid" (Work outside normal hours) for the hours, the hours go into the flexitime balance. Additional hours must be agreed with your manager.

11 = Overtime. If this code is entered for the hours, overtime will be paid, but this must be agreed with your manager in advance.

12 = Overtime on a separate line. Used where there is a break between ordinary work time and overtime.

21 = Overtime compensatory time off. The overtime supplement and the hours go to the flexitime balance. Must be agreed with your manager in advance.

22 = Overtime compensatory time off on a separate line. To manage overtime throughout the defined period.

50 = Travel time in Norway. Specify travel time during the day you are travelling (in Norway).

51 = Travel time abroad. Specify travel time during the day you are travelling (abroad).

List of "Withdrawal from balance" codes

To manage withdrawals from a balance, you need to enter the withdrawal that you want to make from the balance on a separate line on the relevant day:

1 = Withdrawal from flexitime. Manage withdrawals from your flexitime balance. Only used to manage withdrawals of flexitime where overtime will be entered as well.

3 = Withdrawal from travel/overtime balance. Manage withdrawals from the balance for travel time/overtime/overtime supplement compensatory time off.

6 = Withdrawal from extra time special agreement. Manage withdrawals from the special-agreement account.

490 = Paid leave for breastfeeding. Entered on a separate line to define when breastfeeding time has been taken, providing legitimate absence.

610 = Union representative time


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