Procurements over 500 000 NOK

This page is for employees who need public procurements of goods and services over 500 000 NOK excl. VAT.

Norsk: Anskaffelser over 500 000

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How to make a procurement

If no framework agreement is available and the value of the procurement is over NOK 500 000, contact the Procurement and Purchasing Section by using the Mapping form in NTNU Hjelp:

 Mapping form (in Norwegian)

Note: Some units are allowed to carry out procurements up to NOK 1.3 million. Always contact your purchasing representative for further information.

Submit your completed mapping form. Only when we have received the completed form will the case be registered. We will then collaborate with the employee to write a specification and prepare the tender documents.

All contact with the market that takes place in the preparatory phase of the procurement must follow the relevant rules and steps. It is important to read the guidelines for the process: Public Procurement.

Exception: A mini-competition within an existing framework agreement of suppliers, must be handled by your purchasing representative.

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For additional questions, contact the Finance Department: