Occupational Health Services

NTNU’s Occupational Health Service aids leaders, employees, work environment committees and safety representatives in questions regarding the work environment, to contribute to creating a healthy and safe work environment. Occupational Health Services is an independent subdivision of the HSE division. The personnel in the Occupational Health Service have a duty of confidentiality.

Similar offers are also delivered locally in Gjøvik and Ålesund, from Aktimed Helse and Avonova. See contact details at the bottom of the page.

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Occupational Health Services offers:

  • help mapping and assessing the risk of the work environment, including physical, organisational and psychosocial factors.
  • help working out guidelines for work processes.
  • suggestions for preventative safety measures.
  • training and information about occupational health, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, external environment, chemicals, and general health and safety.
  • help with establishing, maintaining and changing workplaces, locations and equipment.
  • work environment evaluation and adaptation.
  • measurement of physical, chemical and biological factors.
  • help with following up workplace absenteeism.
  • help with conflict resolution and harassment
  • help monitoring and following up an employees health in relation to their work situation, by performing medical examinations of employees who have been exposed to hazardous factors (such as dust, loud noises, chemicals, biological factors and radiation).

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Employers are responsible for contacting Occupational Health Services for help.

NTNU’s Occupational Health Service (including Avonova) is approved by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. This also applies for Avonova and Aktimed Helse.

Regulations and Legislation (in Norwegian)

Contact Occupational Health Services

All employees at NTNU can, regardless of where they work, contact Occupational health services in Trondheim to ask for advice.

Location in Trondheim: Kalvskinnet, Sverres gate 12, Akrinn, 6th floor - map. Use the stair or the elevator next to the canteen in Akrinn. When you come to the 6th floor, take a seat in the waiting area.

If necessary, employees who work in Gjøvik or Ålesund will be asked to contact Aktimed Helse (Gjøvik) or Avonova (Ålesund) instead. Employees who work in Gjøvik or Ålesund can of course also contact Aktimed Helse or Avonova directly.

Gjøvik: Aktimed Helse in Gjøvik is our local company health service. Guro Pedersen is the contact person for managers with personnel responsibilities. The individual employee can contact Aktimed to book a first appointment with a doctor, physiotherapist or nurse regarding work-related issues via the customer portal online (in Norwegian only) How to do it it:

  • Scroll down to the heading Hvilke tjenester ønskes utført?
  • Select category (boxes)
  • Describe what you need assistance with
  • Fill in customer number: 5965
  • Your ref: Not to be filled out

Ordering a workplace assessment (ergonomics) should be coordinated at the unit as there are often several employees in need. Contact your local HR or unit manager who coordinates and orders this service.

Alternatively, employees can contact Aktimed's customer center tel. 974 09 910 (daytime Monday - Friday).

Ålesund: Annelin Sunde (Avonova) is contact person for leaders with personnel responsibility. Employees can contact Avonova for a session with medical practitioner, physiotherapist or nurse concerning occupational health issues. Contactinformation: Call 70 15 25 50 or email

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