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KASPER - Study Programme Contributions from the Academic Environment

This wiki explains how to describe and update the academic environment’s contributions to study programmes.

Norsk versjon: KASPER – Fagmiljøets bidrag i studiprogram

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Get started

  1. Log into KASPER by clocking the button below:
     Logg inn
    This link takes you to the list of study plans you contribute to. This is the equivalent of starting on the KASPER front page and clicking “Studieprogramleder” [Study Programme Coordinator] -> “Revidere studieplan” [Revise Study Plan].
  2. Select the relevant study programme.
  3. At the top of the page there is a row of buttons. Click “Åpne studieprogrammets fagmiljø” [Open Academic Environment].

Documentation of national requirements

The academic environment page is used to describe, assess, and quantify how the academic environment fulfills the national requirements from the regulations on the supervision and control of quality of Norwegian higher education, paragraph 2-3. The requirements have been split into seven sections.

Descriptions of documentation (Section 1-3 and 5-7)

For each of these sections there is a textbox in which to describe how the fulfillment of the requirements may be documented, and a button for marking if the requirement is “Oppfylt” [Fulfilled] or “Ikke oppfylt” [Not fulfilled].

Each section includes a description of the requirement that needs to be fulfilled and a short explainer on how to describe the documentation.

NB: Section 7 only applies to study programmes which include mandatory internships.

Academic Staff Competency (Section 4)

Section 4 of paragraph 2-3 says (paraphrased from Norwegian) “at least 50% of the man-years at the study programme should be staffed by full-time employees. Out of these, a significant amount of the academic staff should have competency at least equivalent to a doctorate”. In addition, the following requirements apply:

  1. For study programmes at the bachelor level, the academic environment should consist of at least 20% employees with competency at least equivalent to a doctorate.
  2. For study programmes at the master level, at least 50% of the academic environment should have competency at least equivalent to a doctorate, and of those 10% should have professor or docent competency.
  3. For study programmes at the doctorate level, the entire academic environment should have competency at least equivalent to a doctorate, and of those 50% should have professor or docent competency.

This section of the page is used to register the employed academic staff that contributes towards fulfilling these requirements. NB: A distinction is made between those who contribute more or less than 0.1 man-years.

How to add staff contributing towards fulfilling the requirements

  1. Click “+Legg til” [Add].
  2. This opens a box on the right side of the screen. At the top, under “Velg ansatt” [Select employee], you can search for the person you want to add. Use the rest of the fields below to add/edit relevant information where necessary, for instance how large their contribution towards the requirements is.
  3. When finished, click “Lagre” [Save].
  4. To make changes someone already registered, select them from the list (4) and click “Åpne” [Open] (5). This opens the same box as described above. At this moment there is no delete button to remove people, but you can open the editing box for an existing person and switch them out from there.

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