Holiday leave

All employees are entitled to 5 weeks' holiday (vacation) a year, of which at least 3 holiday weeks must be taken during the period from 1 June to 30 September. The rest can be taken during the year. Norsk versjon - Ferie.

Scheduling of holiday leave

Holiday leave must be scheduled 2 months before the main holiday period begins (June 1- Sept .30). If you and your employer can not come to a mutual agreement, your employer determines the timing of your holiday. However, the employer's right is limited by the following conditions:

Number of days of holiday leave

A part-time employee is entitled to a holiday leave equivalent to that of a full-time employee – that is, 25 days in a year. So, if you have an 80% position, you will have 20 days of holiday leave with pay (see the table below), and you can take 5 days of unpaid leave.

Days of holiday leave to which you are entitled in relation to your full-time equivalency:

Full-time equivalency Days of holiday leave
100% 25
80% 20
60% 15
50% 12 or 13
40% 10
20% 5

Holiday leave for new employees

If you start in a new job before 15 August, you are entitled to full holiday leave (5 weeks) in the main holiday period (1 June to 30 September).If you start after 15 August, you are entitled to only 6 working days' holiday (in practice, one week).You are not entitled to holiday leave if you have taken all your weeks of holiday while working for your previous employer.

Employees aged over 60

During the holiday year in which you turn 60, you are entitled to 1 week of extra holiday leave. You can decide when you want to take this extra holiday leave. You can also divide it up and take one day at a time. Note that you can only claim the number of working days that you normally work during a week. If you work three days a week, you have three days of holiday leave. See the complete regulations (in Norwegian).

Senior days are not holiday leave and cannot be transferred between calendar years.

Transfer or advance of holiday leave

  • You can transfer up to 14 days of holiday leave to the next calendar year.
  • You can take 10 days of holiday leave from the next holiday year

It is not possible to receive payment for days of holiday leave that you have not taken.

Apply for transfer or advance of days of holiday leave (in Norwegian) . Ask your manager to sign the application.

Illness and holiday leave

Postpone option

If you are granted 100% sick leave before your holiday, you can postpone the holiday until later in the year. At the latest, you must submit a medical certificate together with your claim for postponed holiday leave by the last working day before the holiday should have started.

Transfer up to 14 days

If you have been granted 100% sick leave for much of the holiday year, and have not been able to take any holiday leave, you can transfer up to 14 days of holiday leave to the next year. Holiday leave that has not been transferred, and that you have not been able to take, will lapse.

Claim new holiday leave

If you have been completely unfit for work for at least one working day during the holidays, you can claim the same number of days in the form of new holiday leave later in the holiday year. You must document this with a medical certificate, which you submit as soon as you return from your holiday.


In Norwegian: Section 9 of the Act relating to holidays (Ferieloven) concerning illness and leave of absence during a holiday.

Holiday in connection with parental leave

You can take holiday leave during parental leave. The parental leave is then postponed and continues after your holiday leave ends. The same applies if you have chosen flexible withdrawal of days of parental leave.

If you become ill because of your pregnancy, you can have your holiday leave postponed according to the same rules that apply to other illness (see above).


In Norwegian: Section 9 of the Act relating to holidays (Ferieloven) concerning illness and leave of absence during holidays

Other special cases

This informasion can be found in Norwegian only:

Holiday pay

  • Holiday pay is paid in June. You will be paid your regular salary during your holiday leave. More about holiday pay.
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