Exam location - Sluppenvegen 14

On this page you will find information about our newest examination location, Sluppenvegen 14. Norsk versjon: Eksamenslokale - Sluppenvegen 14

This location will be used for both digital and analog exams, and can accommodate 1460 candidates in total.


How do I find the location? 

The buses pass by regularly. See AtB's website for more information regarding bus routes. Use AtB's travel planner in order to plan your trip.

The venue is accessible by car and bicycle also. Parking places are available on the western side of the building, but we advise candidates to either bike or take the bus, due to the limited number of parking places.


To find your way to the right room within the building

Sluppenvegen 14 has a main entrance accessible to students, teachers and invigilators. When you are inside the building, a map with a plan-view of the building presents an overview of the floors, rooms and examination halls it houses. You can avail of that or seek help at the Information Counter. You can also avail of the mazemap to orient yourself in advance.

The seating capacities of the rooms and examination halls in the building varies; the ones with the highest capacities – so-called ‘Big halls’ are located on the first and third floors. The big halls are further divided into various zones (3 to 5 usually), in which the students will be allotted seats. The room for instance may be named as ‘SL311 Green Zone’, if the examination is being held in one such ‘Big hall’. The colour-coding of the zones is not seen clearly on mazemap, but in every ‘Big hall’, you can find a zone-map which indicates where within the hall, the different zones are located.