Email and Calendar in Thunderbird for employees

This page shows employees how to setup Thunderbird or other alternative e-mail clients. Corresponding information for students here: Setup student email account in Thunderbird

Note: The transfer of e-mail and calendar for all NTNU's employees to Office 365 started in November. The transfer will be made in batches and will be in progress for several weeks. During the transition period, you will possibly experience incorrectness in content about e-mail on Innsida. The pages will be continuously adapted to the new service.

Norsk versjon - E-post og kalender med Thunderbird for ansatte

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Add Email Account in Thunderbird

1. Start Thunderbird.
2. In the menu, select Tools and then Account Settings.
3. Under Account Actions, select Add Mail Account.
4. Enter a valid name, email address and password for the account, and tap Continue.

Normally, Thunderbird will retrieve settings for you in the next step, but if it does not you will have to enter it yourself.

In order to enter settings manually, press Manual config and make sure the following settings are set:

Email settings

These settings are retrieved automatically by Thunderbird. If you experience problems with setting up email, it is still advisable to double-check that the settings in the client are the same as below.

Incoming configuration

-If you don't have email in O365If you have email in O365
AuthenticationNormal passwordOAuth2

Outgoing configuration

-If you don't have email in O365If you have email in O365
AuthenticationNormal passwordOAuth2

Calendar in Thunderbird

It is no longer possible to use Thunderbird to read the NTNU calendar. The CalDav service which made this possible has been discontinued. Webmail can be used instead.


Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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