Artists and musicians at NTNU

Be sure to include some musical acts or other sketches to your conference. NTNU has a wide selection of artists that you can use to raise the profile of NTNU.

Norsk versjon - Kulturinnslag på konferansen

Musicians from the Department of Music

See an overview of musicians and bands from the Department of Music (content in Norwegian)

Need help? Contact Rakel Skaar Kristensen for helpful advice about internal musicians and bands.

Choirs and musicians from Samfundet


Drama and theatre

NTNU Ambassadors

Every year, NTNU appoints an NTNU Jazz Ambassador and an NTNU Artist. These should be preferred when considering artists for NTNU events.

NTNU Jazz Ambassadors

NTNU Artists

Contracts for performers

All performers part of an event must sign a contract. It is preferable that the artist issues the invoice directly to NTNU.

Important information about performers and events

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