Airfare and travel

NTNU has an agreement with Norwegian that includes passenger flights by plane. Agreement is binding and apply on travel for employees/cervice claim. NTNU har also agreement with Berg Hansen travel agency, and you should order plane tickets via this agency.

Norwegian: Bestille flyreise

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Order airfare travel via Berg Hansen

 Book travel Direktly via Berg Hansen travel agency

Contact your travel contact at the faculty/department

Order all your travels via Berg hansen travel agency and avoid ordering the travel via other travel agencies. Register at Berg Hansen and get help with ordering a travel. Avoid ordering the travel via telephone outside opening hours, because it will cost extra money.

Agreement with Norwegian

The agreement between NTNU and Norwegian is binding and applies.

The agreement applies to certain stretches. The contract prices include service fees, seat bookings, 2 pcs. luggage and credit card fee. Fasttrack is also included on all routes and booking classes, as well as wifi on all flights.

You can get prices by contacting Berg-Hansen travel agency and Norwegian.
If you order directly via Norwegian, specify the following contract number: NTNUTOPP

Contract prices apply to the following stretches (both ways):

  • Trondheim / Oslo
  • Trondheim / Bergen
  • Trondheim / Stavanger
  • Trondheim / Bodø
  • Trondheim / Tromsø
  • Trondheim / Ålesund
  • Trondheim / Kristiansand
  • Trondheim / Copenhagen
  • Trondheim / Stockholm
  • Trondheim / London

Flights to Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø and London are direct.Other stretches has 1 stopp in Oslo.
When changing tickets, please contact the vendor who has ordered the ticket.
Minimum connection time should be 35 min., if you have booked continuous domestic flight.

NB! We recommend to book a flight via Berg Hansen travel agency! You will get a good assurance and NTNU will know your location in case of emergency as strikes, natural disasters, terror etc.

Goverment regulations about service travel

The state personnel manual regulates the rules on service claims. Point 9.2. Special agreement on the coverage of expenses for travel and food at home has provisions that regulate travel for employees. The agreement with Norwegian is binding and should be used as far as possible, but travel time can be considered in relation to what is the most affordable.


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