Access for externally employed PhD-candidates

Norsk versjon: Tilgang for eksternt tilsatte ph.d.-kandidater

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All PhD-candidates must have a user name and password at NTNU to gain access to the intranet, email and electronic resources through the university library. In order to gain access, you must first activate your account. Note that employees and students with a Norwegian national ID number and an electronic ID (MinID or BankID) can activate using their electronic ID.

For candidates employed at NTNU this should be ready when you start working here. If you are not employed at NTNU, you should first activate your Studentweb account by logging in using your national ID number and PIN code. If you do not have a PIN code, you can use the "Send new PIN to your email" button. If you have been a student at NTNU previously, your old account can be reactivated. We recommend that you change your password when activating the account. Contact the Faculty, if there are any issues.

If you believe you need an access card, please contact your department. The department determines whether you need an access card and is responsible for ordering one if necessary.

Both your account and any access card will only be activated for a limited time period. It is therefore important to keep your department and faculty informed of any delays in your doctoral project that would prolong your need for these services.