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Online Teaching

Online teaching

For employees

Here you will find recommendations, tips and help to get started with online teaching. Whether you want students to participate in real-time learning or sew together videos, resources and activities for a holistic online experience, you will find tools and procedures here.

Please note: English content on this page is under development and translation.

Alternativ for nettbasert undervisning

When students participate in teaching at the same time as you. Other words used about this, are streaming, live webinar and synchronous teaching. 

Video can be used in teaching in many different ways. Students often benefit more from several shorter videos than a longer recording of an entire lecture. Smaller videos are easier to build into a holistic teaching plan and can be used more flexibly afterwards.

Online teaching - recommended software

Activities that are not pure lectures from you to students, but that initiate some activity from the participants. For example group works, collaboration and discussions. Student active learning is suitable in both syncronous and asynchronous learning situations.

Interaction and collaboration in online sessions



  • Engage the class with Kahoot (free access premium)

Recommended - official NTNU-tools with support
Alternative - good tools, but without NTNU support

Several of the tools NTNU offers for online teaching also provide the opportunity to make recordings.

When recording the teaching, you must follow requirements and rules related to privacy and processing of personal data in online teaching.

When streaming teaching, it is voluntary for the student to participate with image and sound, and the student can control this. You do not need to obtain consent, as this is defined as a general interest, cf. Act relating to universities and university colleges.

5 steg til nettbasert undervisning

5 steg til nettbasert undervisning


Illustrasjon nettbasert undervisning. Grafikk.

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Courses and training

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Help and support

 Send email to You'll receive an answer in NTNU Hjelp.

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